Life IS A Classroom

In addition to offering Mindset Coaching and Pilates, I also teach Happily Ever Now Workshops.

Join me to explore meaningful, compelling topics in a warm, conversational setting.

Stay-tuned for upcoming dates and locations.

Preview of Topics:

  • Happily Ever…Now!
  • Self-Care Is NOT Selfish
  • Fall In Love With Your Life
  • Start A Torrid Love Affair With Your Authentic Self
  • How To Go Kindly Heal Your Life
  • Pilates For Inner Peace
  • Pilates IS Meditation For Your Body
  • Igniting Authentic Conversations At Any Gathering
  • Being More Means Doing Less
  • How To Set A Place At The Table For Forgiveness
  • Kindly Letting Go: Surrender Is Not Giving-Up
  • Kindly Conscious Solutions For Conflict Resolution
  • How To Be A Kindness Conversationalist During The Holidays And Beyond
  • Empowered Living Is Only One Instant Away
  • The 5 Stages Of A Kindly Conscious Metamorphosis
  • How To Relate Kindly To “Others” As Your “Own”
  • What If You Are Only “32 Favors” Away From Inner Peace?
  • How To Crank Up the Volume Of Your Inner Voice
  • Making Space For “The How” In Life
  • Cultivating Empathy Via Self-Care And Self-Compassion
  • Are You “Being” Or “Doing” Kind?
  • How To Be The Soulmate You Are Seeking
  • “Sat Nam” Will Set You Free: Awakening To Your Truth
  • Mindful Body = Quiet Mind
  • Motherhood: Your Greatest Classroom In Becoming Kindly Conscious
  • And many more…







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