Life IS A Classroom

In addition to offering Life Coaching, I also teach Authentic Self Workshops.

Join me to explore meaningful, compelling topics in a warm, conversational setting.

Stay-tuned for upcoming dates and locations.

Preview of Topics:

  • Self-Care Is NOT Selfish
  • Fall In Love With Your Life
  • Start A Torrid Love Affair With Your Authentic Self
  • How To Go Kindly Heal Your Life
  • Pilates For Inner Peace
  • Pilates IS Meditation For Your Body
  • Igniting Authentic Conversations At Any Gathering
  • Being More Means Doing Less
  • How To Set A Place At The Table For Forgiveness
  • Kindly Letting Go: Surrender Is Not Giving-Up
  • Kindly Conscious Solutions For Conflict Resolution
  • How To Be A Kindness Conversationalist During The Holidays And Beyond
  • Empowered Living Is Only One Instant Away
  • The 5 Stages Of A Kindly Conscious Metamorphosis
  • How To Relate Kindly To “Others” As Your “Own”
  • What If You Are Only “32 Favors” Away From Inner Peace?
  • How To Crank Up the Volume Of Your Inner Voice
  • Making Space For “The How” In Life
  • Cultivating Empathy Via Self-Care And Self-Compassion
  • Are You “Being” Or “Doing” Kind?
  • How To Be The Soulmate You Are Seeking
  • “Sat Nam” Will Set You Free: Awakening To Your Truth
  • Mindful Body = Quiet Mind
  • Motherhood: Your Greatest Classroom In Becoming Kindly Conscious
  • And many more…








  1. Zahira leivas says:

    I like your article about your unhappy marriage, I would like to send you my story, for I been married 7 years, and together 15, I dont understand why I struggle so much, I’m tired, worn out, and on anti-depressants, and still struggle to be positive much, there is just too much I dont like anymore, but feel terrified about divorcing, since I was only 11 years old when my parents finalized their divorced, my firstborn son is now 11, my youngest son is only 6, but am just so resentful every time my husband has three grandson the last one just born two days ago, and I feel just unhappy all over again, I mean I dont hate anyone, in fact I think the baby newborn is the sweetest thing yet, but can’t feel the feeling that I dont feel adequate, especially when my husband seems so resentful towards his ex wife like he freezes when he sees her again I mean I just can’t help to think if he still loved her why didn’t he gave his first marriage a second chance, why did he married me, I’m not jealous of her anymore I just can’t believe I never really cared early enough to realize this kind of struggles would be there for the rest of my life with him, I hate it now, the miserable feeling I get just thinking what if he still loves her, my step daughters dont talk to me much, and when they do I just dont trust them, they seem so masked and superficial to me, and so does my mother in law, whom raised this girls after his divorce with his first wife, I met him when they were 5 and 6, and i mean i was around but didn’t mind the cute little girls, it made me feel like he would be a responsible father if I ever had k7ds with him, which he is by all means, we got married when my firstborn and his son was five, we had had problems and living with both girls as a family since baby was born I stayed home full time mom and step mother to the girls, by the time they were 16 they completely had rebelled against me, and abruptly moved back to their grandmas my mother in laws house in town which by the way I never prohibited from visiting, as soon as both girls moved out back to grandma’s they both started their relationship back with their bio mother which I had many times encouraged by the way it was their dad on the other hand who didn’t want them involved with 5heir mom as she moved from man to man having several other children with different man and some drug illegal drugs issues, now they are in their early twenties older step daughter just had her third baby by a different dad then her first two boys and has been having issues with drugs long story short just like her mother spit image in all aspects such as physical resemblance but actions and life style, it doesn’t bother anyone seems like but me, I cannot stand this people anymore, not to mention the fact that my mother in law is such an enabler as long as both my step daughters need of her she will do anything in the world for those two girls, I dont blame her, but why isn’t she as crazy for both my boys as well? Why does everyone in my husbands family have such a hard time with me instead? They seem to have so much more in common with my husbands ex wife than me? They always tell me they hate her for leaving and cheating in my husband? But find out that they receive her well and all still ? I hate my husband, he never showed any gut for anything, on the contrary, I feel like I was the one who got in the way, which I did not my husband had been divorced for at least three years from his ex wife when I met him, he was just a blind date set up from a friend of mind and now fifteen years later I’m struggling with this all over again for the sake of my boys happiness I am so miserable lonely and feel left out inadequate dont fit in I’m serious about this I have told my husband at least fifteen hundred times how I feel and he just keeps saying that he won’t divorce me. Is it his pride. , ? I need help I’m heartbroken

    1. nancibessereed says:

      Hi Zahira, Thank you for sharing your compelling story. I’m sorry to hear about your struggles and frustrations with your situation. How may I best support you to gain clarity for how to proceed? Love & Light, Nanci

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