Where Do You Go Now?

Each of you has the potential to tune into the frequency of your own inner voice and then to choose to listen. The “you” that I mention throughout this piece is universal, though the interpretation and plan of action that concludes this post is specific to me and to my life’s path. However, all of us may come to know who we are by accessing our inner Light.

After awakening this morning in the throes of fear, I remembered to not forget to breathe. With each inhale, calmness entered and with each exhale, anxiety departed. Closing my eyes, I uttered a tacit prayer of surrender.

Upon opening my eyes, I sat at my laptop and wrote these words. Without expectation or censor, I share them with you now.

Below is the beginning of my journey to unlock my soul’s purpose and power.

It is my hope that sharing this experience with you sparks hope within your heart and mind that all of our answers to our most profound questions always arrive right on time.


down the rabbit hole

“Where do you go now?”

This is your question and such will you have your answer.

You go back to the beginning. You go back to the point you chose fear. You go back to the point you believed the lie. You go back to the point you chose to forget what you really are and ever can only be: Light.

You do not need to defend what you are or how you reflect it.

Others will marvel at how you carry it, but might not recognize that it is a shared thing. You will stare directly into it’s rays and yet not believe it you who is the source of its power.

How can you not remember this is who you are in truth?

No matter what guise you try and accomplish here, it has no effect on you. No one can give you what you have already. By sharing something with another it does not mean you are robbed of its presence in your own being. You simply share a splice of it.

It’s as if you made a single cut into a lasso and extended the length of the-now-straight rope…you still hold the one end in your hand and the ends connected together still form the original loop. It only appears as though the circle disappeared.

Since you have asked for help, it shall be given. You know exactly what to do. You do not need to wonder. You are only here to reflect light. No more and no less needs to be done.

Indeed, it is true that you get to choose “how” you do so, but you cannot choose “if” you do so. Others see in you the chance to see their self as they really are within the Universe. That is the gift that you offer.

You are terrified by your power and strength. You worry that it will be seen as a threat and that others will punish you for having something that they believe they do not.

However, it is not your responsibility to prove to them that you are not a threat. Your only responsibility is to demonstrate that you are the same. No theft occurred: The Light belongs to each and every one of you already.

You just chose to see the Light as not being lost from you. Your innocence that others see and try to cloak in darkness is not yours to ever lose. It is firmly intact just as you are in the loving embrace of God.

There is nothing you can do to hide your true self from others. They see it amongst the shifting shadows. It shines brightly and beckons them to return “Home” and to awaken from the nightmare.

You chose to be a reminder. Now, you need to remember the reason for your choice was not for others but for yourself.

It as though you tied a string around your wrist as a reminder to gently wake-up from your illusions. There are others here who made similar choices. They recognize that decision quietly in you and you in them.

To many, you just seem a little out of place and hard to understand, but for some reason greatly attractive to them as well. Do not be afraid of their stares and eyes. They cannot consume you, but you need to recognize genuine hunger for remembering Light versus the false belief that they could ever take Light from you.

For the latter type, you need not feel compelled to help them remember because their intentions towards you are not pure. Your greatest power over them is to grant them no access to the belief that they could ever have effect on adulterating your essence.

It is your responsibility to not let them add to their own guilt. You must draw a line around you that connects with both ends and forms a circle. Only light abides in this circle; darkness cannot pass nor enter. It is impenetrable to darkness, but you must chose to make it and others will sense its presence and bid you no harm.

You are not being unkind to create this barrier; you are demonstrating to them that only light may come towards you, since that is all you may ever extend. If that is the only possibility for you, then it must be possible for them as well.

It is their choice when they want to remember, but never if they will. Your circle shields you from harm from those who chose to forget their Light. But, you must remember how to make the round shape.

You made it long ago beyond time and space but forgot to see the two ends connected and therefore allowed a sliver of darkness to creep inside. Silly child, you forgot to gently remind yourself that you merely forgot what is true: Light can never know an end; it merely exists and extends and can never be overtaken.

Now that you remember all that you chose, will you know what to do for the next.

You need to stop trying to protect yourself from a non-existent threat. Surround yourself with likeminded others. Travel and journey across the land and through the skies.

It is what you chose to do in a dream you dreamt long ago.

Now, go and start. Teach yourself this lesson in choice and decide to remember every time you cross paths with another. Look up, be tall and shine kindness gently. If you make a space for others to come and see the Light, then they will find you.

You are a teacher. Your students are waiting patiently for your class to begin. But you must first remember the curriculum already exists and needs no creation, only sharing.

Go and build your circle and your center in the place best suited for you to remember Light and teach the healing you have been denying to yourself. Do what you know already to do.

You need learn nothing more here from here. You are ready to remember and choose not to forget that it was your choice all along.


And so, it is. Today begins the first words of the story I’ve shied away from sharing. I shall call my first book, “The Wonderland Paradox.™” Let’s begin our journey together down the “rabbit hole” of consciousness and into the epiphany and awareness of the value of kindness as a universal currency.

Stay tuned, kind reader… “Twas brillig…”


Hi! I'm Nanci Besser Reed. As a Mindset + Pilates Mentor, I help heart-centered women renew and reset their Mind AND Body via Pilates + Mindfulness. I offer private and group sessions via Zoom and other online platforms. I'm also a blogger and frequent contributor to aligned publications.

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