Unmasking The Disguises Of Fear (Part 2)

Note: For the month of December I will be sharing the various “masks” that fear wears to disguise its presence in your Present. Some of these are more obvious than others and some are downright devious. Our second disguise that fear chooses to wear is denial.

It’s late at night. You’re home alone. Eyes heavy, you fall into your sheets.

About to enter dreamland, a doubtful thought arises. “Did I lock the front door?”

Of course you did. You had to have done so, right? And yet, the nagging doubt persists.

After spending what seems like an hour rationalizing what to do next, you choose not to double check the door. Surrendering to your exhaustion you attempt to sleep, but of course you can’t. You’re still wondering about that damn door.

Continuing to wonder, you hear a what you think could be footsteps or perhaps a rattle. Whatever the source, you are definitely NOT going to check the door now. Better to stay safe where you are. You see the irony, right?

Looking at the door would actually provide you safety. Either you could rest easy knowing the door was locked or you could stop obsessing if the door was locked and be certain it was secure.

What keeps you from looking is denial of what’s true: You’re afraid. In your effort to deny your anxiety you allow your fear to be masked by pretending it doesn’t exist in the first place.

Looking at a fear disarms it. You take away its effect by uncovering the cause. Denying a fear makes it bigger.

Your mind believes that something must be pretty fearful in order for you not to be willing to look upon it. You reinforce what you’re afraid of existing by refusing to challenge its reality.

Revisiting our opening scenario, what changes if you choose to check the door once again? You spend less time being afraid and more time being empowered by knowing what’s true. Seeing as though time is your most precious resource, choosing to unmask the fear masking as denial allows you to stop getting stuck in analysis paralysis so you can look at your life with fear’s opposite: Love.

Looking with Love rather than fear is only possible once you stop denying being afraid to look in the first place. Love doesn’t mask its presence. It is visible to all those that seek to Know it.

Unmask denial for the fear it hides. Then, look upon the fear with Kindness rather than judgement. Only then will you be welcoming Love into your experience and therefore shaping what you see by How you see it.


Wishing You Love From Every Angle,



P.S. How about you? Ask Yourself: “What’s possible once I choose not to choose fear?”

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