Unmasking The Disguises Of Fear (Part 1)

Note: For the month of December I will be sharing the various “masks” that fear wears to disguise its presence in your Present. Some of these are more obvious than others and some are downright devious. Our first disguise that fear chooses to wear is perfectionism.


What’s the harm in trying to be “perfect,” right? Actually there’s a lot. Perfection doesn’t exist.

Talk about a waste of your time…why would you choose to direct your most precious resource towards trying to create something that can’t happen and is unreal?

I know that I say “Nothing IS impossible,” as my daily affirmation, but there is one exception. Yes, perfection is the one “impossible thing” that can’t ever manifest in your life. So, why are so many of us attracted to its lie? Here’s why: It keeps us stuck in a mindset of smallness.

Seeing yourself as small means seeing yourself as incapable to handle what “happens” in life. Newsflash: You are Capable! Seeking perfection also keeps you from being present. You’re either trapped in the tangled web of comparison or guided by the limiting belief of “not enough.” Again, both don’t exist in the Present moment.

Perfectionism arises from the fearful belief that you’re not enough to show-up as your true self. Attempting to create the “perfect” conditions before deciding to act or to be Seen is really motivated by being attached to your story of staying stuck and hiding in plain sight. It’s tempting to believe that as long as you stay stuck and invisible you don’t have to take accountability for your decisions.

Truth Bomb Time: You’re already making a choice to stay stuck so you’re not actually avoiding accountability, only being unconscious of your actions. I say this with Love and Kindness, not judgment or shame. If you’re already making choices, why not become more conscious of them and choose the ones that reflect the opposite of fear: Love?

The more you are willing to look at the fear with compassion and curiosity, the faster the fear disappears into the nothingness that is its core. Furthermore, whenever you embrace your imperfection as the vehicle to Connect you to others rather than keep you separate from them is the moment you stop stop choosing to be led fear and start choosing to be led by Love instead.

The ultimate goal in life is to leave a legacy of Love, not fear. One day I hope to be remembered for achieving the pinnacle of imperfection because that will mean I lived my life without fear…more days than not. Nobody’s perfect!

Happily Ever Now With You,




What about you? How does fear mask itself in your life? What sort of legacy are you creating with your choices?

P.P.S. Are you ready to call the bluff on your limiting beliefs and fears that aren’t serving you AND, replace them by going all-in to the “buff,” affirming your Badassery so you can start betting on Yourself instead? I want to help you say “Hell Yes” to this question and so much more. Enough with the waiting to be Seen and Heard…Now is the right time to invite the mindset you Really want to show-up so you can create your Happy life right away.

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