The Secret To Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs For Good

When was the last time you consciously thought today? By that I mean when was the last time you chose the contents of your thoughts? It’s easy to forget how much power you actually have over your mind.

In fact, of all things in this world, the content of your thoughts is the ONLY one you control. Read that again, The ONLY thing you control in life is the content of your thoughts.

Some of you might be disheartened by that reveal. About the same amount of you may be bolstered by the fact. Regardless of where you fall amongst these two sides, truth remains the same. Any notion of control over anything else in this world is pure illusion.

Now that I have your attention let’s explore the concept of what constitutes a thought versus a belief. Thoughts are ideas, usually without a clear sense of decision. Beliefs, on the other hand, are choices. If you believe something, then you’ve decided the thought to be true. Once you believe something you rarely question the legitimacy of the thought ever again.

However, I’m here to ask you to rescind that blanket carte blanche for at least some of your beliefs, specifically those that limit your possibilities to realize your dreams. It’s time to put your limiting beliefs to the test. It’s time to question ANY assumptions that keep you from living your best life.

Sounds simple right? It is…but don’t mistake simplicity for lack of challenge. It requires conscious choice to dig deep into your beliefs with Kindness as your guide rather than preconceived judgment. The first step is asking yourself one powerful question: Is this belief ever not true? And, by “ever” I mean ever…as in is there even one case out of a million where this belief isn’t true? If “yes” then it’s not actually “true.” Truth is truth. There isn’t any inconsistency.

Once you prove a belief isn’t 100% true it becomes open for conscious thought once again. Now, the key here is to look at the belief with compassion and Kindness. Beliefs, even limiting ones, serve a purpose. More than likely your perceived limitations “thought” or “believed” they were protecting you from something. Only by expressing gratitude to the intention of the belief are you able to let it go without resistance.

Skipping the gratitude piece leaves you open to shame sneaking-in when you least expect it. Once shame takes over, compassion and kindness usually become the “elephants in the room.” You know they are present and yet it seems easier to ignore them rather than invite them into the conversation.

Don’t take my word for it though…try it out yourself. Start with “small” beliefs to test-out releasing your limitations from a mindset of kindness rather than shame. Remember, surrendering a belief that isn’t serving you isn’t loosing anything other than your story of not being enough. Embrace your whole self (limiting beliefs and all) in order to make space for your dream life to become your reality.

Does this sound like your story up until now? Join me for a free call to explore the possibilities of letting go of at least one limiting belief that keeps showing-up uninvited so you can RSVP “yes” to living your best life possible, now. 

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Hi! I'm Nanci Besser Reed. As a Mindset + Pilates Mentor, I help heart-centered women renew and reset their Mind AND Body via Pilates + Mindfulness. I offer private and group sessions via Zoom and other online platforms. I'm also a blogger and frequent contributor to aligned publications.

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