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-Listen to me being interviewed for a recent podcast and on a radio broadcast.

Watch me (below) host a tour at my previous Pilates studio (shot unscripted, single take)

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-Watch me (below) be a guest on Circle of Insight with Dr. Carlos Vazquez

Empathy In The Workplace

Speaking/writing topics of expertise: Happily Ever Now, Real Relationship “Goals”, To Believe or Not To Believe, Authentic Relationships, Authentic Communications, Authentic Connections, Go Kindly Heal Your Life, Kindly Conscious Conversations, Pilates, Relating with Kindness, Emotional Intelligence, Engagement Strategy, Leadership, Kinder Communications, Mindfulness, Intuitive Body Awareness, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Intuitive Healing, and Practical Spirituality.

Note: I am a proud  SAG-AFTRA member

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