Motivation Deconstructed: Awakening Your Inner Inspirationalist

This article was Inspired by an email exchange with a longtime reader of my work suggesting a topic for me to explore via a new post

Let’s Start At The Very Beginning…

Since the dawn of thoughtful conversation, Anthropologists, Psychologists, and Philosophers alike shared a common question: Why do human beings DO certain things and choose NOT to do others? In other words, what drives us to emotionally move forward versus stand still, or even take a step back.

The question continues to exist because a prevailing answer does not. Of course there are a plethora of theories about all things motivation , resiliency or inhibition of emotionally-driven behavior, BUT because no two people are exactly similar NOR do they respond to the same stimulus the same, a universal conclusion could not emerge…UNTIL NOW.

Drumroll Please…

Cast away your confusion for a moment. I’m about to suggest a single response to the age-old query I mentioned in the first sentence. Is your curiosity piqued yet?

Alright, enough delays. Here is my assertion: Aside from any official medical diagnosis, No matter who you are OR where you came from, the reason you choose to do things OR to NOT to do things is due to your “Inner Inspirationalist.”

My What?

That’s right, you read correct. Your Inner Inspirationalist is the behind-the-scenes director for “how” you navigate your life. Still skeptical? Let’s unpack the idea further.

Consider identical twins: They are often cited in the nature vs nurture debate amongst psychologists. Why would two siblings that share the exact same genetics respond to the same negative “happenings” in different ways?

Science says their differences may be attributed to experiencing different “nurture” stimuli, BUT what if the answer is much bigger?

What if one twin amplifies the Voice of his or her Inner Inspirationalist louder than the other? In other words, what if one twin is more driven by the desire to feel inspired instead of stuck?

How much you want to move will determine how far you can go, NOT how far you WILL go.

Sure, “nurture” elements play a part in determining the absence or presence of motivation versus stagnancy, BUT inner inspiration trumps all externals. No one can force you to perceive anything that “happens” in life a specific way without your inner consent. However, whether you grant permission or not to external forces, you still maintain the power to choose different at any time.

Let me repeat that: ANY time. It is never too late to awaken your Inner Inspirationalist. Here is an example:

You are a midlife entrepreneur attempting to market your offering via social media BUT none of your posts are garnering much engagement. How would you respond to the situation?

A: You quit, embarrassed that your offering is “bad” or “a pipe dream”

B: You project your frustrations outwards by finding fault with your significant other

C: You go into “hibernation” mode, accepting the low engagement as “good enough”

D: You step back to realign your strategy to better serve your “Best” offer audience

If you chose “D” then you are operating from the mindset shared by an Inner Inspirationalist.

Being an Inner Inspirationalist is simple, NOT easy

You can’t avoid feeling stuck. It happens to ALL of us. However, you can ignite the embers of change to manifest inspiration with a few simple steps.

Next time you feel unable to move emotionally, give these seven steps a shot:

  1. Look at the whole situation without preconceived judgment.

  2. Release needing a specific outcome to unfold.

  3. Request to be shown possible directions to proceed.

  4. Ask your Inner Inspirationalist, “What route would BEST empower me to move forward with Inspiration vs staying stuck due to fear?”

  5. Listen within the silence for your answer to arise as your Ignition for Inspiration.

  6. Whatever the response, visualize that it is NOW your Present experience.

  7. Let Go: Take a deep breath and Be Inspired by moving in your chosen direction.

Feeling Inspired to Be Inspired?

Bottom Line: The Secret to awakening your Inner Inspirationalist is deconstructing ALL of your unspoken thoughts. Notice I said ALL. It only takes one unmasked belief to derail movement AND even a single spark of inspiration can be enough to get unstuck. Do you see now why it is so important to look at ALL of your thoughts?

Dig deep. You are never more than one decision away from living a different life. Become motivated to be an Inner Inspirationalist AND You shall create the path to your Biggest Dreams.






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