Hi, I’m Nanci; It’s Time To Renew & Reset Your Mind AND Body!

A little more about me…

I help heart-centered women renew and reset their Mind AND Body via Online Pilates private and group sessions. My goal is to empower all of my clients to integrate all of the different versions of themselves (mom, wife, boss, mamapreneur, coach, friend, daughter, networker, social media profile, etc) into into One, Aligned Mind AND Body. I believe that the ultimate practice of self-care is choosing to Live your Happily Ever Now, not after.

I’m living my Dream as a Mindset + Pilates Mentor and Curator of Kindness.

Originally, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area until attending college at the University of California, Davis. I received a BS in Managerial Economics and pursued a career in public relations and business development until a curiosity for exploring human behavior compelled me to earn a graduate degree in Organizational Psychology. During my advanced studies, I focused my research upon Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution. My psychology inspirations are Kenneth Wapnick, Viktor Frankl and Paul Ekman.

Recovery from the injuries sustained in a serious car accident prompted me to defer plans for obtaining a PhD. I began journaling as a means to distract my mind and body from the constant physical pain I experienced during the physical rehabilitation process I undertook.

After numerous attempts to regain the shoulder functionality that I lost in the accident, I discovered Pilates for rehabilitation. My personal results from experiencing the healing effect of Pilates inspired me to share her newfound knowledge with others as a teacher. I obtained Pilates Instructor certification from Turning Point Studios in Walnut Creek, CA and also completed an additional certification in Movement Medicine.

My passion for combining past psychology studies along with a mindful approach to Pilates led to me building a flourishing private rehabilitative Pilates practice in the San Francisco Area.

In 2008 I relocated to Los Angeles and expanded my Pilates business to include Mindset Coaching, drawing upon my graduate work in Psychology. In 2009, I founded a micro philanthropic movement called “32 Favors” in which I granted one specific favor on behalf of another for 32 days. I chronicled her experience via my first blog in a similar style to the journal I started after her car accident. I repeated the process in 2012 and added video blogs to capture the impact of sharing kindness with others.

Expanding upon the concept of relating to everyone and everything with kindness evolved into a lifelong dream coming true. In 2014 I wrote about the power of choosing to “Go Kindly” through life and shared my personal journey that the key to empowered living is letting go of limiting beliefs so you can Renew & Reset Your Mind AND Body, NOW, rather than waiting for who knows how long for some unknown “after” timeline to manifest your dream life. I published numerous articles and posts via various media publications and my personal blog, and I am in the process of authoring my first book.

When not seeing clients, I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband and my adorable toddler. Time at the ocean ignites my spirit, and I treasure creating new memories with friends and family, meditating, being outdoors, watching sunsets, attending ‘Mom and Toddler’ classes, sampling the newest farm-to-table restaurant in her area, traveling, and listening to live acoustic sets.

That’s a little about me…

Now, it’s time to Renew & Reset Your Mind AND Body!

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