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Hiya Kindness Conversationalist, I’m Nanci!

My Passion Is Igniting Kindly Conscious Conversations With Your Mind AND Body

As A Pilates Instructor, Intuitive Healer, Emotional Intelligence Specialist, AND Lifestyle Blogger, I’ve collaborated with over 1000 clients ranging from the ages of 8-85 since beginning my own practice over a decade ago.

✨Every aspect of my unique Approach is forged from the mindset of empowering clients to become Kindly Conscious of the infinite possibilities of their Mind AND Body✨

You don’t have to settle for the struggle.

Go Kindly with me to discover your unique path to live your Best Life.

Whether you are a potential Pilates OR Intuitive Healing client OR if you are both seeking to be more empowered Physically AND Emotionally, your time with me reflects the SAME Kindly Conscious Decision:

I Start Where Others Put-Up Their Hands And Stop

“Impossible Things” happen when you are ready to Shine and Share your Light without defense or apology

  • You are Bigger than your body’s past story of pain or imbalance.
  • You can move freely AND strengthen your Core.
  • Your Mind AND Body can be aligned with Kindness.

All that you have been seeking outside already lies within you. Let’s collaborate to amplify your Inner Voice louder than your ego

I’m on the Journey with You. Will you Go Kindly with me?

Learn more about my specific story 💛here


Go Kindly is empowered living through Kindly Conscious decision-making and practical spirituality. It’s not a “random” act; it’s a Kindly Conscious lifestyle.

Whether you want to relate better with coworkers, employees, family members, romantic partners, strangers on the street, customers, or to yourself AND to your own body, becoming Kindly Conscious is the key to improved interactions.

Let’s explore some of the ways I may help you choose to engage with Kindness.

As a Lifestyle Blogger, Speaker, Pilates Teacher, and Intuitive Healer , I meet my clients where they are in the present and help guide them along their journey towards remembering that empowered living is our natural state.

My Go Kindly philosophy is made up of three components. You may choose to engage me for one, two, or all three, depending upon your desired results.


Contact me via the form at the bottom of this page for specific pricing questions.

Go Kindly

  • Move Kindly
  • Work Kindly
  • Become Kindly

Under my Move Kindly​ program I provide clients with mobile Pilates, Kindly Conscious​ Body Awareness, and Intuitive Energy Healing sessions, focusing on aligning the body and mind through applying emotional intelligence and spiritual intuition to the physical experience.

Book time with me to experience the gift of a “Move Kindly” body awakening session and realign with your natural state of balance. Clients may receive Move Kindly sessions in-person at any off-site location of his or her choice.

Here is an example below of me working with my client on how to improve seated posture mechanics using applied Pilates AND ergonomics. Follow along and see if you get some helpful tips to make the time at your desk easier.

Under my Work Kindly program, I lead business clients in the areas of engagement and communications to develop and practice strategies founded upon consistently Kindly Conscious messaging and initiatives. Clients may receive Work Kindly consulting and coaching either live or via a virtual platform.


Under my Become Kindly​ program I offer a Kindly Conscious-centered approach to relating with others on personal and/or business levels. Collaborate with me as your own Become Kindly coach to apply the principles of Go Kindly into all areas of your life. Clients may receive Become Kindly coaching either live or via a virtual platform.

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Let’s all choose to remember how to Go Kindly through life!Let’s Ignite a Kindly Conscious Conversation with Your Mind AND Body:

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