I Don’t Want To Write This But I’m Doing It Anyways

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.”

-Tony Robbins-


Here’s a secret: I don’t want to write tonight. Sure, I’ve established a consistent pattern of blogging each week on Thursdays, but I don’t care. At least, I don’t care right now.

Maybe you’re in the same mindset. Maybe there is something that you’ve dreamt of creating your whole life that you’ve taken consistent steps towards birthing it for the world and yet right now, you don’t want to take the next step.

Why is this a story so many share? How does motivation get lost once exhaustion makes an extended visit? What’s possible on the other side of fatigue?

Think about what you want to accomplish more than anything in this instant. Now, ask yourself did you want the same thing the moment prior and would you imagine you’ll want the same thing in the moment after? If “yes,” then you have your answer for what to do next: Do whatever it takes to take the next step towards fulfilling that wish.

If “no,” then grant yourself the grace to take a pause. For you see, when you have your “yes,” your Heart’s Desire will have found you. Don’t settle for anything short of your “yes.”

If your “yes,” has shown-up though, then that means you must have invited it. That means the part of you that is Bigger than any of your fears is ready to be Seen and Heard. That part of you is exhausted too, but for a different reason than you think.

It’s exhausted from waiting. It’s exhausted from playing a constant chameleon of “not enough” by hiding in plain sight. It’s exhausted from the other part of you that keeps trying to sabotage your success. That other part of you is known in many circles as your ego.

Your ego wants you to quit. Your ego wants you to stay hidden and silent. Your ego wants you to stop being consistent. It craves chaos and inner conflict. It wants you to believe in your limiting beliefs. It wants to clothe you in littleness and poverty of joy.

Here’s the thing about your ego though: It’s not your friend. It’s more like the annoying frienemy that keeps inviting you to parties only to shred your choice of outfit once she sees you. Your ego wants you to hear your fears as facts. It wants you to keep waiting for something or someone other than you to take you beyond where you are to where you really long to be.

Here’s the other thing about the duplicitous ego, it only shows-up when you invite it. You read that correctly. The same truth about your “Bigger” self holds for the ego: Both only show-up when invited.

Which guest are you inviting to share space with you within your Mind? If you’re creating a path towards living your dreams, the ego will do everything possible to get you to believe your Dream is impossible. That Bigger part of you, that part that wants you to Shine, it will do the exact opposite.

Therefore if along your journey you get the feeling to quit showing-up, then you can bet your next million dollars that you invited your ego to join you as a traveling companion. As I said at the beginning, I didn’t want to write this post. But, guess what, I chose to write anyways and to let the words flow from a place other than my ego’s story.

My hope is that reading this collaborative journey inspires you to treasure your “yes,” and to keep taking consistent steps to create the life you want, not the one you choose when led by the lies of your false friend. Dream Bigger than your fears, reach further than your limiting beliefs. You are closer than you think to receiving what you most want.

With You,



P.S. That’s my story…How about you?

When have you experienced a desire to quit even if it means giving up your dreams? What showed-up to help you choose how to solve your inner conflict?

P.P.S. Are you ready to call the bluff on your limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you AND, replace them by going all-in to the “buff,” affirming your Badassery so you can start betting on Yourself instead? I want to help you say “Hell Yes” to this question and so much more. Enough with the waiting to be Seen and Heard…Now is the right time to invite the mindset you Really want to show-up so you can create your Happy life right away.

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