How I Became Empowered By My “History”

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Hi Kind Reader,

Today I awoke to a wonderful surprise. I’m featured on the incredible Gigi Eats Celebrities as a guest author. Gigi is all sorts of brilliant and powerfully kind in the most lighthearted of ways.

Check out my guest post and Follow her adventures in empowered wellness and health. 

Share the post with anyone who needs a lift in his or her spirit.

Bottom line: Our past doesn’t have to define us; we can redefine our present by choosing to Go Kindly through our life. 

Join me & Go Kindly,



Hi! I'm Nanci. I help heart-centered, accomplishment-minded women let go of their past limiting beliefs so they can create their Happily Ever Now. As a Certified Life Coach with a masters in psychology I meet you where you are so you can navigate your personalized path to materialize this life you want on your terms. Why not start creating your dream life today?

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