Google It: A “Slasher” Career Is The Secret To My Success


It’s time for a survey. How many of you, my kind readers, followed the “directions” in the title of this piece before even reading the first sentence? It’s OK; there’s no shame in curiosity.

Second question. How many of you, after reading the title, immediately conjured visuals of every cheesy horror flick and their accompanying endless list of sequels? Again, there is no need for embarrassment. It is almost Halloween after all, hence the apropos timing of releasing this post.

Stand-by For Shameless Search Engine Plug

For those of you who snuck a look at Google, did you happen to notice the number of posts referring to the ever-increasing amount of professionals who identify themselves as “slashers” regarding their careers?

Let’s suppose you paused at the first page of Google results and navigated back to this article for the answer to the obvious question: What is a career “slasher”?

Well, I am glad you asked. The answer to the aforementioned query just might be the key to unlocking your new career trajectory. One who practices a “slasher” career has nothing to do with unsuspecting virgin co-eds haphazardly traipsing out to investigate “noises” in skimpy lingerie and everything to do with creating a multi-dimensional professional experience.

A “slasher” is someone who is multi-talented and chooses to create a career based upon the integration of said abilities and skills into a customized mix of awesomeness/magical magnificence. Or, to put it in more corporate vernacular: Multitasking and synergy at their highest degree. Gone are the days of choosing a single focus and a solitary career path.

In today’s global workplace economy it is crucial to demonstrate three traits: Adaptability, Creativity and Empathy.

A “slasher” has a greater propensity to demonstrate these attributes. Career “slashers” must reflect the ability to respond to the situation at-hand, are usually well versed in indentifying unique approaches to presenting problems and are much more apt to extend empathy to those around them.

Why is this true you might ask? Well, the very nature and lifestyle of a “slasher” is such that terms like “status quo” and “predictability” are rarely used and are even more rare to experience in practice.

“Slashers” habitually operate outside of the “norm” and are likely to extend empathy with greater likelihood than their non-“slasher” counterparts. We all seek to receive the space from others to be as we are without preconceived judgments. Slashers exemplify the desire to be free to express their unique mix of talents and are therefore more likely to be empathic to the specific needs of others.

Just as I’ve said before, we can’t extend kindness (empathy) without experiencing it ourselves.

Non-“slashers”: No Defense Required

Please don’t assume the point of this piece is to shun non-“slashers.” If you are one of the remaining few professionals who knew what you wanted to be when you grew-up at the tender age of five and never deviated from that plan, I tip my hat (or more often a well-worn 49’ers baseball cap) to you. If you are happy with your current situation, by all means, stay in your comfort zone and keep progressing along your carefully plotted course.

However, if you are like me or are considering choosing the “slasher” way of life, please allow me to share a little bit of wisdom I’ve ascertained after being a career “slasher” since completing my graduate degree.

In order to be successful as a “slasher” you must answer one key question: How do I align all of who I am with what I want to accomplish?

Think about your life up until this moment. What are the defining or “sliding doors” (a throw-back phrase highlighting the time Ms. Paltrow was Goop-less and chose witty projects) moments in your journey so far? Every pivotal decision you chose defined a portion of who you are in the present. Negate the judgment of the outcomes and just focus on the facts, free of the emotional interpretation.

My Story

For instance, when I was 25 I suffered a serious shoulder injury in a car accident. In hindsight, I hesitated before getting into that fateful car ride with my date that night. Something inside of me warned me not to go, but I dismissed my inner voice as silly and as a result, ended up at the bottom of a 100-foot cliff.

That decision definitely qualifies as a “sliding doors” moment. What would have happened if I didn’t get into that car? Who knows? …But I am certain that I never would have chosen a facet of my “slasher” career to include empowering others to trust their intuition and to listen to their inner voice.

Do you see what I mean? Only by acknowledging the key moments in my life am I able to craft a career that encompasses all of who I am and what I bring to the table.

All of my cumulative turning points and talents led me to define myself as an Emotional Intelligence Specialist/Author/Speaker/Mindfulness Teacher/Pilates Instructor, with a passion for aligning who you are with what you want to accomplish. Quite a mouthful I know, but you get the point. Basically, I can work with any type of personality in a variety of environments: In essence I am adaptable, creative and empathic.

Telling Your Story

As an experiment, tell your story without judgment of any of the outcomes of your important choices. What were the instances that shaped how you conduct yourself with others? Answering these types of questions will help you shape your personalized “slasher” career profile.

Your distinctive “storytelling” will attract employers and clients who relate to your specific path and who will value your unparalleled collection of experiences and realizations. Being a “slasher” means that the scope of your career options is broad and without limits. The possibilities for success are as innumerable as the number of stars in the whole universe.

One Final Question

Are you ready to shine as a career “slasher” and to set your own course to your greatest potential destiny? Let go of what you should do and be and instead embrace who you are and where you only dreamt of going.

What life moments played a key role in shaping who you are? How would you define your unique career “slasher” profile?

-Let’s continue the conversation: Feel free to contact me with your feedback and thoughts or please comment below.- 

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Nanci Besser, MA is a proud, practicing career “slasher.”  

She is an Emotional Intelligence Specialist/Author/Speaker/Mindfulness Teacher/ Pilates Instructor with a passion for aligning who you are with what you want to accomplish. 

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Hi! I'm Nanci Besser Reed. As a Mindset + Pilates Mentor, I help heart-centered women renew and reset their Mind AND Body via Pilates + Mindfulness. I offer private and group sessions via Zoom and other online platforms. I'm also a blogger and frequent contributor to aligned publications.

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