Experience More “Kindfulness” With This Simple Daily Practice


An amazing and kind friend inspired me to create this simple ‪”Kindfulness‬” practice exercise.

After sharing with a few clients and receiving much praise, here it is as a gift to all of you. Please feel free to share with anyone in need of a gentle lift in his or her spirit.

Let’s begin with beginning to accept who you are and where you are at this moment.

Take deep, slow breaths and say to yourself “I am as I am and need nothing more than where I am right now. I forgive myself for the silly and unkind thought that I am not enough. I am what is and I am free from needing pain. In this instant I am one with inner peace.”

Repeat the words above once an hour from the time you awaken until a few moments before you sleep. Practice this simple exercise for seven days. Be sure to journal each night about your feelings that arise during the day.

Pay attention to any emotional and/or physical changes that emerge. Spend no more than five minutes reflecting upon your experience each evening prior to bedtime.

The key here is not to judge any feelings that surface. Acknowledge and write them down without analysis.

Then, take another deep, slow breath and gently remind yourself, “All is as it is to be” before falling asleep.

Let go of needing a specific outcome to unfold. Instead, embrace this practice as a gateway to experience possibilities beyond your perceived preconceived limitations.

I welcome you to share your experiences from adding more “Kindfulness” into your life in the comments section for this post. 

Love, Light & Kindness‬


Hi! I'm Nanci Besser Reed. As a Mindset + Pilates Mentor, I help heart-centered women renew and reset their Mind AND Body via Pilates + Mindfulness. I offer private and group sessions via Zoom and other online platforms. I'm also a blogger and frequent contributor to aligned publications.

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