“You Can Accomplish By Kindness What You Cannot By Force”
-Publilius Syrus-
I’m honored to share some of the Love I’ve received from clients in my pursuit to Kindly Invite Your Highest Self To Show-Up via Life Coaching and the Ultimate Self-Care Practice: Pilates Instruction.

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Here are some of the lovely words my clients are sharing…

Life Coaching Love:

I’ve seen Nanci’s work over many social media platforms. Many people tell me her publications touch them personally and professionally. Nanci has this impeccable communication style. I wanted to learn! After a few online classes, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my communication style. After each session, I felt more confident in my business writing. The skill of communication is a very valuable skill. I can use the skills she taught me in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend her talents. She does not disappoint! – Deana B., Omaha, NE

I would highly recommend hiring Nanci Besser to help author any important and career sensitive letters / emails with key decisions makers.  I hired Nanci to assist me with several issues. Nanci wrote a letter to the CEO of BofA on my behalf after I was laid off resulting in an additional $10k compensation. Her empathic communication style resonates with audiences and provides them enough emotional space to make a decision in my favor like what occurred with BofA.  For another project I retained Nanci for, her letter to an additional former employer resulted in me receiving payment of $38K for consulting services that I rendered but had not been able to collect. The payment to me was made within 24 hours of receipt of the email that Nanci crafted. Nanci’s expertise in emotional intelligence allows her to communicate in an empathic manner to get your message not only heard, but acted upon.  Because of her emotional intelligence skills, I hired her to provide interview and non-verbal communication coaching to me and to my staff in support of our hiring efforts.  She also crafted a mission statement for our firms as well.  Her workshops covering empathic correspondence, coaching, and redefining kindness in the workplace at our office created over $50K in economic value for me. She is intuitive, patient, an articulate speaker and simply amazing. I highly recommend hiring Nanci. -Todd H., Los Angeles, CA

I had Nanci on my show the circle of insight to discuss what is emotional intelligence. I found Nanci to be extremely insightful into human psychology and human behavior. For instance, Nancy was able to quickly understand some of the conflicts that happened among employees at a corporation. It was a story about a group of engineers and how she was able to identify their behavior patterns and assist them to work together in an efficient and quick manner. I have met very few people who have the ability to understand human behavior so clearly and effectively. Nanci would definitely be an asset to any company or individual and wants to improve their performance and/or life. I’d highly recommend hiring Nanci for any project or individual consultation. -Dr. Carlos V., Orange County, CA

I always leave our calls feeling heard and optimistic about my next steps. I look forward to our calls each week. Nanci’s vast knowledge makes her an invaluable asset for anyone looking to expand their current focus and direction either on the personal or business level. She is an excellent coach, a skilled, empathic writer, an engaging brand creation strategist and an enthusiastic “cheerleader” for the days when you need a small push to be your best. I am so happy to work with her and recommend her to everyone. – Susan K., Pompano Beach, FL

Nanci is very approachable and has a unique voice that can help inspire you to be true to your nature. Her writing is encouraging and motivating. She has an remarkable perspective that has helped me develop my personal brand and my LinkedIn profile. Nanci took the time to speak with me about tools to improve my Emotional Intelligence as well as developing my future career goals. Not only did she give me recommendations to enhance my professional development, but she also gave me insight on how to identify my strengths in order to be a greater asset to any employer. I look forward to continuing my development with Nanci.- Catherine P., Dallas, TX

I can’t thank Nanci enough for working with me to gain clarity in the development of my business model. While I had a clear idea about the kind of business I wanted to create, I found myself at a loss for what to name it let alone develop the brand identity. I had stage fright trying to figure out those things in my own head. Out of the infinite possibilities I could choose to inform the design direction of my business, how could I ever hope to know that I was choosing the “best” one? I found that most of my solo brainstorming exercises typically led to self-flagellation sessions – about as productive as they were fun! Finally I got the point. I needed to seek assistance from someone besides myself to move my business and brand development forward and that is when I decided to book a coaching appointment with Nanci Besser. I’ve had experience with her compassionate approach to post-rehabilitative body work and had a gut feeling she could bring that same energy and empathy to addressing the obstacles I was facing. And not surprisingly, she did so. During our couching session she was intent on understanding me and what I was seeking to contribute, and only after that, we talked more directly about the business aspect. Nanci employed a tailored approach with me based upon emotional intelligence development and helping me to align who I am with what I want to do which helped move me into a place of confident decision making. Without Nanci’s assistance, it’s quite likely I would still be facing the same creative blocks. As of now, we are within a couple weeks of launching our artisan jewelry boutique and consider to Nanci to be an integral member of the team. – Allie H., Ojai, CA

Pilates Love:

Nanci is a great Pilates coach. She’s patient and considerate and explains the principals of Pilates in such a way that anyone can understand. I’d had recurring injuries that required multiple surgeries in the last few years and as such was afraid to work out because I I didn’t want to injure myself again. Nanci showed me some very subtle and very powerful ways of re-training my body to move. After my first session with her, I already feel healthier, smarter and like I have more “ownership” of my body. Plus my chronic pain went away for the first time in weeks. I’d recommend Pilates to anyone who’s had injuries and/or issues with physical confidence and coordination. More so, I’d recommend Nanci to teach it to you.
 -Ron Y., North Hollywood, CA

As the 5 stars indicate Nanci is as good as it gets. I had a grade 3 shoulder separation caused playing soccer which was bothering me sleeping and just doing everyday tasks. I set up some therapy with Nanci due to the fact I hate the ‘Dr’s Office’ environment and it is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Although I only had 3 sessions with Nanci the exercises that she gave me to take home have been amazing. She even found that I favor my left leg all the time, causing my right leg to become very weak, she has given me exercises to try and correct this too before it becomes an issue in later life. I cannot recommend Nanci enough, the studio is fantastic, clean and welcoming. If your looking for some PT outside the ordinary Dr environment this is for you! -David G., Studio City, CA

I am an actor and a very active person. My whole life I have been in tune with my own body and what demands I can put on it and what it is saying to me. However lately I have been in quite a lot of pain without knowing specifically why or how to fix it. Stretching? tried it. Better bed? Tried this too but nothing seemed to work…until Nanci Besser! In one session I came away more in touch with my body and visa vie myself because of Nanci and the truly individually perceptive natural approach to healing the body. I have gone back since and feel better AND when added to my gym regiment, I see better and more focused results. Mostly where i feel this benefits me is in how I now feel like i have power again, the power to fix my pains. I feel less helpless to my body and more in control. In regards to acting, I was on set the other day and stood in my full body without affectation and i can say for sure I was regarded with more respect than the last time i was on set. People really seemed to respond to a person that isn’t hiding from their own body. – Ben G., Studio City, CA

I dislocated my shoulder and thought I needed surgery. Nancy worked with me to reduce my pain and increase my range of motion. I’ve tried a lot of different therapies and she has been the only relief.  I saw results after two sessions!!!!-Ariel F,. Los Angeles, CA

I went to Nanci after I strained my neck in a mat pilates class at my gym. I told her that I only wanted three lessons, and I asked her to teach me a few things so I’d be able to do the class at my gym better. I was so impressed with Nanci that I decided to continue for awhile, never thinking I would be going as long as I have. I had hoped for dramatic and immediate results and this didn’t happen, although everything she said made sense to me. I realize now that I was being unrealistic.  I will say that I felt better after a few sessions. Nanci does not use a cookie-cutter approach. She has a great deal of insight, and tailors what she does to each person. I’ve exercised on a regular basis for several years, so I’m probably in better shape than most my age. However, I do have various orthopedic problems that have slowed my progress. Nanci is very careful about dealing with my limitations. I guess I should admit that I’m one of her oldest students since I am 65. I’m sure the exercises Nanci has me do are very different than ones she would have a  young, fit person do. I’m sure my knee problem that lasted several months slowed my progress. Once it was finally better, I was eager to do things I had done before. Nanci is very concerned about me hurting myself, and she told me we are going to go slowly. I know she is right. Let me tell you the results I’ve had after 13 months of going twice a week: I read a bit about pilates after I started going to Nanci. I found it hard to believe that people feel like they stand taller. I can tell you that I actually reach high shelves with ease like I’ve never done before in recent years.  I also read that people get more body awareness, which sounded rather odd and quite vague to me. I can definitely say this has happened to me. I walk, sit, and stand differently. My posture and balance have both improved. I have muscles in my arms for the first time in my life. I “engage” my abs automatically doing routine things,  such as driving and climbing stairs. I think this is the first time I’ve had muscles in my abdomen. It makes movement easier. I am able to easily squat, something I couldn’t do before I started working with Nanci. I can do this because I stand differently and because I have built up muscles in my legs. I can easily get up from the floor, something older people often have a problem doing. A personal trainer I once had constantly told me:  “Stop locking your knees.”  She never was able to tell me what I should do instead. Nanci explained why I was doing this; it was the way I was putting weight on my feet. Once I started standing differently, my knees no longer locked. I went to PT for one year several times a week for various problems. I did everything I was told to do since I was very motivated to get better. It really didn’t help me very much. Nanci helped me after just a few sessions. Nanci is a remarkable. She is smart, caring, and intuitive. She amazes me with her knowledge of anatomy and how bodies work. I consider myself very lucky that I found her. The one thing she refuses to promise me is that my stomach will eventually be as flat as hers.-Kathleen B., North Hollywood, CA

Nanci literally changed my life.  I had back surgery in March and after  the 3 month honeymoon period ended after the surgery, I started feeling pain again.  I found Nanci on the internet and within two months, I felt like a new man.  Her teaching style is very soothing and she is very knowledgeable on pilates.  My sister is a pilates instructor in the Bay Area and as a result, I definitely know what makes a great teacher. I am addicted to Nanci.  I strongly recommend her.-J.R., Los Angeles, CA

I went to see Nanci to help me with whiplash and an old, unhealed foot injury. This is no ordinary pilates – Nanci has a lot of training. I was surprised by how knowledgable she is about anatomy, and she helped me a lot. She showed me how I had compensated for my injury and helped me retrain my muscles. I started walking a little taller and I learned better posture. It was my first experience with pilates and I loved it! You feel like you’re working your body but it can also be quite relaxing! And Nanci’s peaceful, private studio helped with that. I would recommend her to anyone! -Elizabeth B., Studio City, CA

I cannot cannot say enough about owner/trainer/hero – Nanci. I’ve been seeing Nanci twice a week for the last 6 weeks and I have incredible, tangible results to show for it. My posture is improving rapidly, my upper body is developing amazingly, and somehow standing for 10 hours a day in 4 inch heels is now a cake walk…or cake stand!? Nanci is an absolute delight. She is charming, kind, attentive, and patient. She personalizes each session to my unique needs and offers helpful and easy to follow advice for practicing the principles of pilates in my daily life. She is a breath of fresh air in this town of broken promises and beauty obsessed abuse. I absolutely highly recommend Nanci and will continue to practice with her weekly. Thank you Nanci!!! – Laura S., Los Angeles, CA

I am a marathon runner and was VERY skeptical about how Pilates could help me. I mean, how can you get a good workout from exercise where you hardly sweat? I had tried Pilates with a couple of instructors before and wasn’t impressed. I won a session with Nanci at a race and figured why not. Within ONE session, Nanci had me hooked. She identified muscle imbalances immediately and we have been working to balance me out (and make me faster) ever since – I can see a difference within just a few weeks. She truly “gets” the human body. I highly recommend her to anyone who will listen. – Lucie M., Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been a client of Nanci’s now for approximately 2 months, and I’m thrilled with the results! I stopped doing Pilates for a number of months because of a shoulder and hip strain, but after being referred to Nanci I can now comfortably work out without further injuring myself.  Each session is specially catered towards my personal needs and goals, and she always seems to be in tune with what my body is doing at all times.  Now that I am more aware of my own body, I have found that it is easier to do the everyday tasks and exercises I was once unable to do.  Judging from past Pilates instructors I’ve used, I’ve found that Nanci’s sessions and style of training are far more personal and helpful for my unique needs.  I highly recommend Nanci! -Alix W., Walnut Creek, CA

For rehab pilates, Nanci is probably the best in country.  Since having arthroscopic surgery on my elbow after a pitching injury, I’ve had consistent pain in arm and shoulder.  Nothing major, but it was annoying.  I seen a few physical therapist, who were helpful, but they could not completely solve the problem.  Then I was referred to Nanci by a friend who had back problem for 10 years until she worked with Nanci and the problem went away.  So I setup an appointment with Nanci.  When I arrive at the studio, Nanci, who has no background on me,   asks if I’ve had an injury to my right arm and explains why she thought so (the position and tightness of shoulders.)  Maybe this was a lucky guess.  But now fast forward to four sessions later.  My arm and shoulder do not hurt , at all — even when I lift.  Nanci created a pilates routine that helped me develop muscles they were being underused.  The underdeveloped muscles were causing my shoulders to be overworked, which was somehow causing recurring pain.   I followed her suggested routine each day — this took about ten minutes.  It worked.  Something that has bothered me for 20 years does not bother me anymore.  I am in AWE of her ability to diagnosis a problem and then recommend pilates exercises to fix it.   My highest recommendation and a huge thanks to Nanci.-Michael K., San Francisco, CA

Ever since I ran the SF Marathon, I’ve had knee pain whenever I’d run.  Nanci gave me some exercises, and after doing them for a bit, the knee pain is gone!!!  I’m able to run and snowboard pain free. I also had a knot in my back for probably 15 years now, and NO ONE has been able to conquer that thing…until Nanci took a look at it. I have so many other nagging injuries, and I’m looking forward to my continued sessions with her to fix these. -Rob T., San Francisco, CA

Nanci is a former student of mine. I am proud and impressed with her dedication in becoming a Pilates instructor and opening her own studio. Nanci received her certification from Turning Point Studios in Walnut Creek under the tutelage of master Pilates trainers, Nora St. John and Naomi Leiserson. She also continues to take courses to increase her knowledge in movement and physical rehabilitation. Nanci has worked hard to hone her Pilates instruction, teaching her clients about the importance of correct alignment and posture. She is also very intuitive in her work and compassionate in helping her clients continue healing after physical therapy.I would personally seek Nanci’s company should I need to do any post-rehabilitative work. -Mercy B., Milpitas, CA

Nanci is a caring and empathic teacher who really focuses on the individual as a whole.  She was able to notice small differences that truly affected my whole body within the first session.  After two surgeries on my knee and over a year of physical therapy, Nanci was the first person to not only look at my injury, but how my body and mind had adjusted to the injury and working toward recovering the muscle memories prior to the injury.    She has provided me with the tools to be more cognizant of the way my body moves in space.  Nanci has not only reduced my pain, leveled my balance, and strengthened my body, but she has encouraged me to think differently about my injury.  She is the best! – Daryl S., Danville, CA

I originally went to Nanci because of a constant pain in my back, which I later found out is a bulging disc.  In my first session, Nanci showed me how my body was misaligned and how I could immediately see results by making small changes in my posture. Fast forward a few months – my back pain is now completely manageable.  The only time it hurts is when I get lazy and fail to follow Nanci’s tips. I’ve walked into a session with a headache or a pain in my shoulder, and walked out feeling completely refreshed and straight again. Nanci is a completely dedicated and detailed instructor.  Her class isn’t just a regular pilates class – it’s insight on how the body works and how good posture makes all the difference.  And it’s a great workout, to boot! I’m so happy I found her.-Debbie M., Los Angeles, CA

I had been suffering from chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain for almost 4 years now and was starting to believe I would never be rid of it.  I got MRIs, X-rays, saw chiropractors, took pain medication, and none of it really dealt with my problem.  It always came back.  Initially, I had avoided physical therapists because I assumed they were prohibitively expensive; however, after finding Nanci online and seeing the extremely positive reviews and how reasonable the rates were, I decided I had to at least give it a shot. I am SO glad I did. After just a couple of months, I am virtually pain free!  My mood has improved and everything seems brighter again.  I had gotten so used to being in pain that I had forgotten what it was like to be healthy.   Nanci has given that feeling back to me. She is amazing.  She’s professional and knowledgeable, making sure to keep you involved in the process by explaining the purpose of each exercise.  This is great for me because I was getting tired of all the mumbo jumbo and just wanted some straight talk for once.  Beyond that, she’s also very fun and engaging, which creates an enjoyable environment in which it’s easy to do the work. As important as the exercises are, I found my consultations with Nanci to be equally valuable.  It was through these that she pinpointed the areas in my day-to-day routine that were exacerbating my problem.  It wasn’t obvious stuff either, but it made sense.  Like I said, she knows her stuff. In the end, I made a few changes to my lifestyle (stopped sleeping on my side) and to my environment (bye bye, office chair armrests) that Nanci had suggested.  This combined with maintaining regular sessions with her has really worked wonders.  I have never felt better. Going to Nanci was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.  If you are suffering with chronic mystery pain and feel like you’ve tried everything, you owe it to yourself to check out Nanci’s studio.  I went in skeptical and came out feeling fantastic. Thank you, Nanci!!-Ron S., Alamo, CA

MIRACLE!!! I originally came to see Nanci at her first studio in Northern CA almost three years ago. Since then I deployed to the Middle East where I injured my shoulder and had shooting pains from my neck down through my chest. I went through several tests on base and in the end was just given pain killers and no real diagnosis. It was just a few weeks after my return when I decided to go see Nanci in LA. After just three days of 60 min sessions with Nanci the pain that almost sent me to the ER was almost completely gone and with the home care program she gave me almost a month later my shoulder is better than ever! I will be returning to LA myself in just a few weeks to pay Nanci another visit just to get some extra care and ensure I am 100% again. Nanci is truly gifted. I have been to many physical therapists in my military career and now each time I go to the doctor all I can talk about is rehab Pilates. Nanci is THE BEST and the studio is beautiful!!! -Justine I., Los Angeles, CA

I have had chronic neck and back pain for years, and have tried pretty much everything.  Nothing and no-one really helped me until I met Nanci.  For the first time in my life I felt like someone truly understood my body and what was wrong with me!  Nanci treats on a holistic level.  It’s not just about the source of the pain, it’s about what is causing it (which I have found is NOT the way most places work).  Nanci really works on your entire body:  alignment, strengthening, and, for me, correcting years of bad posture!   I am learning so much, and, although I’m only a beginner, I definitely am feeling the benefits.  If you feel like you’ve tried them all, and nothing really works, try Nanci, you won’t regret it.-N.P., San Francisco, CA

This woman is AMAZING! There are some people who are truly in the right profession and it shows through the congruency of their work. Nanci is most definitely one of them. She knows the body so incredibly well, has a remarkable ability to assist in healing your body, and is a blessing to be around. This is not a normal pilates studio, her place is a serene haven in a sometimes not so peaceful world. I am so grateful to have found her! once you discover her for yourself, your life and awareness will never be the same… -Cathryn F., Toluca Lake, CA


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