“You Can Accomplish By Kindness What You Cannot By Force”
-Publilius Syrus-
I’m honored to share some of the Love I’ve received from clients in my pursuit to Kindly Invite Your Highest Self To Show-Up via Life Coaching

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Here are some of the lovely words my clients are sharing…

Life Coaching Love:

I’ve seen Nanci’s work over many social media platforms. Many people tell me her publications touch them personally and professionally. Nanci has this impeccable communication style. I wanted to learn! After a few online classes, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my communication style. After each session, I felt more confident in my business writing. The skill of communication is a very valuable skill. I can use the skills she taught me in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend her talents. She does not disappoint! – Deana B., Omaha, NE

I would highly recommend hiring Nanci Besser to help author any important and career sensitive letters / emails with key decisions makers.  I hired Nanci to assist me with several issues. Nanci wrote a letter to the CEO of BofA on my behalf after I was laid off resulting in an additional $10k compensation. Her empathic communication style resonates with audiences and provides them enough emotional space to make a decision in my favor like what occurred with BofA.  For another project I retained Nanci for, her letter to an additional former employer resulted in me receiving payment of $38K for consulting services that I rendered but had not been able to collect. The payment to me was made within 24 hours of receipt of the email that Nanci crafted. Nanci’s expertise in emotional intelligence allows her to communicate in an empathic manner to get your message not only heard, but acted upon.  Because of her emotional intelligence skills, I hired her to provide interview and non-verbal communication coaching to me and to my staff in support of our hiring efforts.  She also crafted a mission statement for our firms as well.  Her workshops covering empathic correspondence, coaching, and redefining kindness in the workplace at our office created over $50K in economic value for me. She is intuitive, patient, an articulate speaker and simply amazing. I highly recommend hiring Nanci. -Todd H., Los Angeles, CA

I had Nanci on my show the circle of insight to discuss what is emotional intelligence. I found Nanci to be extremely insightful into human psychology and human behavior. For instance, Nancy was able to quickly understand some of the conflicts that happened among employees at a corporation. It was a story about a group of engineers and how she was able to identify their behavior patterns and assist them to work together in an efficient and quick manner. I have met very few people who have the ability to understand human behavior so clearly and effectively. Nanci would definitely be an asset to any company or individual and wants to improve their performance and/or life. I’d highly recommend hiring Nanci for any project or individual consultation. -Dr. Carlos V., Orange County, CA

I always leave our calls feeling heard and optimistic about my next steps. I look forward to our calls each week. Nanci’s vast knowledge makes her an invaluable asset for anyone looking to expand their current focus and direction either on the personal or business level. She is an excellent coach, a skilled, empathic writer, an engaging brand creation strategist and an enthusiastic “cheerleader” for the days when you need a small push to be your best. I am so happy to work with her and recommend her to everyone. – Susan K., Pompano Beach, FL

Nanci is very approachable and has a unique voice that can help inspire you to be true to your nature. Her writing is encouraging and motivating. She has an remarkable perspective that has helped me develop my personal brand and my LinkedIn profile. Nanci took the time to speak with me about tools to improve my Emotional Intelligence as well as developing my future career goals. Not only did she give me recommendations to enhance my professional development, but she also gave me insight on how to identify my strengths in order to be a greater asset to any employer. I look forward to continuing my development with Nanci.- Catherine P., Dallas, TX

I can’t thank Nanci enough for working with me to gain clarity in the development of my business model. While I had a clear idea about the kind of business I wanted to create, I found myself at a loss for what to name it let alone develop the brand identity. I had stage fright trying to figure out those things in my own head. Out of the infinite possibilities I could choose to inform the design direction of my business, how could I ever hope to know that I was choosing the “best” one? I found that most of my solo brainstorming exercises typically led to self-flagellation sessions – about as productive as they were fun! Finally I got the point. I needed to seek assistance from someone besides myself to move my business and brand development forward and that is when I decided to book a coaching appointment with Nanci Besser. I’ve had experience with her compassionate approach to post-rehabilitative body work and had a gut feeling she could bring that same energy and empathy to addressing the obstacles I was facing. And not surprisingly, she did so. During our couching session she was intent on understanding me and what I was seeking to contribute, and only after that, we talked more directly about the business aspect. Nanci employed a tailored approach with me based upon emotional intelligence development and helping me to align who I am with what I want to do which helped move me into a place of confident decision making. Without Nanci’s assistance, it’s quite likely I would still be facing the same creative blocks. As of now, we are within a couple weeks of launching our artisan jewelry boutique and consider to Nanci to be an integral member of the team. – Allie H., Ojai, CA


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