Are You Ready To Disrupt The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?


“Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t, You’re Right”

-Henry Ford


How prophetic Mr. Ford was so many years ago. The biggest determining factor in the potential of what you can or can’t do is your thoughts. Throughout this post, I will encourage you to pose serval questions to yourself in order to reveal whether you believe you “can” or “can’t” in life. Is your curiosity piqued?…Grab a journal or some other note-taking device and let’s begin!

Question 1. What are your thoughts saying you can or can’t do right now? (Stumped…ask to hear. Become conscious of your constant inner tape that plays within your Mind. Is it speaking Kindly to you or unkindly?) Take note of what shows up.

Now, looking over your notes, decide what’s true for you and choose what you want to believe regarding what’s possible versus what can’t happen, now. Still with me?…Good. Keep reading for your next question.

Question 2. What comes to mind hearing the phrase, “self-fulfilling prophecy?”

If you’re in the majority you’re likely defining it via a negative interpretation. However, let’s explore what’s possible once the limiting lens you’re perceiving through is replaced with positivity.

My answer to question 2: Everything. That’s right. Everything is and nothing isn’t possible once you choose to create a self fulfilling prophesy from a positive mindset.

Here’s why this mental pivot is a game-changer: By disrupting a long-held negative assumption you’re creating the space to welcome its opposite. Like I’ve mentioned before, only looking at something disarms its negative hold upon you. Denying it exists makes the conflict bigger.

If you’re not convinced, keep reading for further proof of the power that awaits you from disrupting the Self Fulfilling Prophesy. Begin by looking nowhere beyond the true meaning of the words themselves.

Self (relating to you) Fulfilling (Fills you up to the fullest point) Prophesy (Vision of what will be true).

See what I mean? If all you do is analyze each word’s definition the connotation of their combination is anything but negative.

Therefore, picture with me the possibilities from believing the Self Fulfilling Prophesy is a catalyst for creating your dream Vision as your Reality. By filling Yourself to its fullest point with intentional positive belief you will invite your dream life showing-up as your Future Present. Repeat that last sentence three times aloud, substituting “Yourself, You and Your” for “Myself, Me, and My.” Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Gotcha. Do you feel the shift? It’s huge, right?

Transforming your interpretations from negative-based to positive-viewed IS Powerful!

That being said…

Question 3. What Self Fulfilling Prophesy do you want to create to promote positive possibilities showing-up as your Future Present?

Make a list. Add to it anytime. Start “prophesizing” your Greatness as already happening. Can you imagine the change that awaits you from becoming consistent in viewing Yourself as unlimited?

In my work as a Certified Life Coach I’ve seen clients breakthrough massive limiting beliefs after “trying-on” this new way to perceive the Self Fulfilling Prophesy. It becomes an integral part of their self-care “go-to” and a simple way to be reminded of their Mind’s power to choose “how” to see the world around them.

Disrupting the Self Fulfilling Prophesy means creating conscious choices for you to affirm your Magic not your shortcomings. If you can shift how you perceive this long-held negative association, you can transform “how” you interpret everything in your life and especially what does or doesn’t “happpen” to you. Above all: You Get to Choose “how” to create the life you want as your Future Present.

Question 4. How are you feeling right now versus when you began our Thought Experiment?

Question 5. Did this post and its message reach you “right on time?”

And…that’s all! Thanks for joining me for today’s Thought Experiments. Read and re-read your notes throughout the next seven days and see what shifts show-up for you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and inspirations below or feel free to Message me @nancibee on Instagram or Contact me here. Connect with me so we can create a world where Self Fulfilling Prophesy is the absolute most powerful form of positive manifestation ever!

Everly Yours,


P.S. Are you ready to disrupt thought patterns such as the Self Fulfilling Prophesy that aren’t serving you AND, replace them with consistent practices to affirm the infinite possibilities of your success so you can choose to create your biggest Dreams as your Future Present? I want to help you say “Hell Yes” to this question and so much more. Enough with the waiting: It’s time to invite your Happily Ever Now to show-up! 

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Hi! I'm Nanci Besser Reed. As a Mindset + Pilates Mentor, I help heart-centered women renew and reset their Mind AND Body via Pilates + Mindfulness. I offer private and group sessions via Zoom and other online platforms. I'm also a blogger and frequent contributor to aligned publications.

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