My Go Kindly Story

“You are always only an instant away from Empowered Living.”


Once Upon A Time there lived a girl who chose to go kindly through life and she lived happily ever after…uh, no! Not even close. Want to know my real story?

Like Alice and her Adventures in a Land of Wonder, I longed to answer my life-long question: “Who are you?” I looked everywhere for the “meaning” of my life. “Why was I here and what was my purpose?”

Along my anything-but-linear life’s journey to discover my reason for being born, I was in a serious car accident. As the passenger, I received the brunt of the impact from a 100-foot descent off the edge of the road above. It was nothing short of a miracle that I sustained only non-life-threatening injuries.

To this day, my nose twitches at the memory of the instant prior to the car leaving the confines of the dusty country road. In one surreal moment we went over the edge of the cliff and the spinning wheels propelled us towards an unknown resting place. I was certain I was going to die. Time froze. Visuals came. All at once, my mind saw every past moment of unkindness I’d experienced. I saw them all and I wanted to do everything I could to undo the unkind in my life, and specifically within my mind.

The car landed with a lurch. I was alive. I crawled up the hill in the dark and knew for the first time in my life what I needed to do. The journey began. I was now a student of Kindness. I knew there had to be another way to live in this world. My goal for perfection and control contributed to the unkind in my life and the broken relationships in my past. I had to be willing to create space for others to be as they are and also to extend that grace to myself. The images I was shown during the accident empowered me to become a student of Kindness.

In the moment that time stopped and the images passed through my consciousness I set about to heal all relationships, including the one with myself. It would become my life’s work and focus. It is from this experience that I’ve been led to develop my mission: let conscious Kindness be my guide to teach living an empowered life. I’ve come to know that empowered living is simple, not easy. If I can teach myself how to choose conscious Kindness decision-making though practical spirituality, you can too.

Before the accident, I believed my happiness was tied to my ability meet others’ needs by being perfect. As long as I could be the perfect daughter, the perfect student, the perfect girlfriend (you get the picture)…then I looked like the face of innocence. How could they find fault with me if I attended to their every need? How could they ever be unhappy with me if I was perfect?

And yet, happiness eluded me. Why was this so? Could it be that in my quest to be perfect I chose against being kind?

This need for perfection created wedges in my relationships between what I thought someone needed and what they really wanted.  My intention to be “helpful” was actually unkind to both of us.

Most of the conflicts that arose in my past relationships were due to my inability to relate without needing to control outcomes. It wasn’t just transforming my mindset and becoming a “new” me. It was expanding my concept of “me” by embracing the truth that we are all enough when we choose to be present to what “is” and not directed by what “was” or what “should be.”

Soon after the accident, I began writing as a form of “homework” to further explore my near-death insights. Years of study and personal transformative experiences led me to this moment.

Join with me in my mission to “Go Kindly” through life. Become a member of the “Go Kindly Family.” Read my posts; relate to my articles; work with me; study with me; or request me for your event or broadcast.

Once you choose to remember how to go kindly through life, your life will never again be without meaning. You will live a life based upon empowerment, transform all of your relationships (including the one with yourself), become more consciously Kind in your decision-making and have a whole arsenal of practical spirituality Take Away Of The Day lessons to apply into your daily life. Bottom line: You will know who you really are.

Go Kindly With Me,


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